The PTO is looking for an individual/team who is eager to help run the school’s Certificates Make Cents fundraising.

***What is Certificates Make Cents?***
Gift Cards are ordered at face value for the buyer to use or give as gifts with a percentage of the sale going back to Beaubien. It’s as simple as that. No extra cost to the buyer, no cost to the recipient, only $$ for Beaubien.

***What are the Coordinator duties?***
Making, distributing and collecting order forms and online orders and placing one bulk order for the school. Once cards are received, distribute to the classrooms.
*this can be done by one person or a team….grab a friend!*

***How often are orders placed?***
This is up to the coordinator. Orders are generally placed 2-3 times a year.

PLEASE consider becoming a Chairperson. Our school needs fundraisers and volunteers more than ever.

For more information contact Jenny Conlon at volunteer@beaubienpto.org