Own a business or work with a local business? Our Walk-a-Thon is expanding and we’re hoping to gather more business sponsors to support our school!
If your business or anyone you know fundraises for schools, please consider asking them to sponsor this year’s Walk-a-Thon.
*$25-200 gift certificates for our student raffle
*$250 to purchase lunches for our dozens of volunteers the day of the event
*$300 to purchase 1200 bottles of water to be handed out to students and teachers the day of the event
*$400 to provide paper copies of the Walk-a-Thon materials to all families
We acknowledge all donations and sponsorships in our parent letter, Facebook page and web site. In addition we can hang a company banner on the walk-a-thon route. Donations of $200 or more made before September 28th will be acknowledged with the company logo on our official Walk-a-Thon t-shirt, worn by the students.
A copy of the sponsorship letter can be found here Beaubien Sponsorship Letter 2017_walkathon