The Walk-A-Thon is fast approaching!
This Fall Favorite is next Friday, October 20th. We’ve set an ambitious goal and hope to raise $15,000 for our students….so lace up your shoes and help us get there!
Donations are still coming in! The deadline to order a shirt is over but donations are still good until October 20th….with some special prizes!
***The three classrooms to raise the most money wins a pizza party and choice of pajama day, movie day or extra computer class
*** A PreK – 3rd grade student to raise the most wins a chromebook
*** 4th-7th grade student to raise the most wins a $150 Amazon Gift Card
*** 1 8th grade student to raise the most wins a graduation ticket and a $50 gift card
Donations can be made online at or by turning in a paper form. Forms available at
VOLUNTEER TODAY! Parent volunteers are needed to make sure students stay on the sidewalk and for walkathon safety. Join other parent volunteers are this laid-back and fun fundraiser. You can sign up to watch your child walk!
8am to 9am: PreK (am), 1st, 2nd grade
9am to 10am: 6th, 7th and 8th grade
12pm to 1pm: Kindergarten & PreK (pm)
1pm to 2pm: 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
You can sign up at or email us at