The Reality Fair is coming!

We are looking for Volunteers to help our 7th and 8th graders participate in this classroom event! Please consider helping with this fun and eye-opening day!

What exactly is the Reality Fair you ask?

WHAT ARE LIFE STATIONS? Life stations are all the little things that make up our lives. Spouses, children, taxes, school loans, housing, childcare, charitable gifts, food and clothing and all the things left to fate.

WHY VOLUNTEERS? Volunteers are needed to man the ‘life stations’. Your job is to give each student a choice. Will you rent or own a home? What kind of transportation can you afford? How much will those designer clothes set you back every month? Volunteers are there to deduct the costs from the students’ monthly salaries and offer sound guidance as to what they can or can’t afford.

WHEN IS THE REALITY FAIR? Friday, May 4th at Beaubien Elementary School

HOW LONG DO I NEED TO BE THERE? The fair runs from 7:45am -2:15pm. You can stay as long or as little as your schedule allows.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? The Reality Fair is fast-paced but TONS of fun for the students and volunteers! It’s an eye-opening experience for our students and a reminder what is to come in this Game of Life. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

WHY DO IT? There can be no fair without your help! This project really works when we can have as many life stations as possible. And as a thank you, you get a FREE LUNCH.