February 10th – February 21st is the Beaubien Read-A-Thon!

Reading Rewards include…..

Homeroom Reward – if 85% of the homeroom gets one donation the entire class will get a reward determined by the teacher and class. Rewards may be: extra recess, Pajama Day, Show and Tell, Crazy Hat Day and more. These rewards will be given by the homeroom teacher. .

Grade Level Reward – will compete for money donated to the class. Every time your class raises $25 you will get a paw to display outside your classroom. The class with the most paws in each grade level gets an extra recess. (9 recesses will be awarded)

Homerooms Who Raise the Most Money – The top 3 classes who raise the most money get a picnic at Robert Square Park.

Top Seller in each Classroom – attends a Water Balloon Toss at Robert Square Park.

Individual Students who raise $500 or more will get to Silly String Mrs. Ludford at recess.

Whole School Incentive – If we raise the same amount of money we made last year, or more money each class will get an extra recess with their homeroom teacher at Robert Square Park.

We raised $24,000 last year, let’s try and beat that!

More information will be coming home as the Read-A-Thon gets closer.

To learn about Read-A-Thon visit https://www.read-a-thon.com