As part of their efforts to keep students, families, and staff as safe as possible, CPS will be providing surveillance testing for COVID-19 for students over the age of 10.  Each month, CPS will administer the testing in the 10 zip codes with the highest rates of COVID-19 that are published by the CDPH.  The zip code 60630 is on the list for the month of April.  Testing will begin the week of April 5th.


Students must be 10 years and 1 day or older in order to be tested.


Students must be a hybrid student and be in attendance on the day of testing in order to be tested.


Parents/Guardians must provide a written consent in order for the student to be tested.


All students will be bringing home a paper copy today.  The form is also attached below if you would like to print it at home.   Please return the form by sending it with your student(s), drop it off at door number 10 or email is to Mrs. Ludford or Mr. Kotis.  Families do also have the option to not sign and return the form, meaning the students WILL NOT be tested.  There are no repercussions for declining to be a part of the surveillance testing.



Michelle Ludford, Principal

Student Screening Test Consent Form_English

Student Screening Test Consent Form_Spanish

Student COVID-19 Testing Flyer