To: All Beaubien Students, Teachers, and Staff 

YOU’RE INVITED…to participate in Beaubien Student Council’s winter community initiative.

What: Support the Homeless
Why: To provide care packages to those in need.
When: Monday, January 14, 2019 through Thursday, January 31, 2019
Where: Drop off donations on the first floor, outside the auditorium
How: Donate the following items which are needed at this time:

Non-Perishable Food items
Toiletries and other items
Applesauce pouches
Cereal bars
Soft Granola bars
Small water bottles
Fruit Cups
Tuna and crackers
Juice boxes
Small snacks
Fast Food gift certificates 
Small bottles of:
Soap; Shampoo; lotion; Other hygiene items
Toothbrushes/paste & mouthwash
Sanitary Napkins
Adult Socks
Hats & Gloves
Hand Warmers
Hand wipes

The Beaubien Student Council, and all the people who will benefit from your donations say “Thank You” for your generosity!

We are . . . Beaubien Bulldogs!