Hello Parents of qualifying bee students
I am reaching out to you since from my personal yahoo account since I don’t have access to my CPS account.  I just wanted to inform you that your child can take the test online starting Friday the 7th through Saturday the 8th.  All you have to do click on the link that was sent in your reminder email ( I sent that out earlier today) and give your child the password that you created when you registered them for this test.
Here is the link your child needs to take the test in case you missed it.   
1.  Once students log in they have to read and check off the box for the integrity pledge
2.  Take the sample test so they can become comfortable with the format of the test
3.  Now take the actual test.
I believe there are about 25 words.  There is a time limit when they are typing their answers.
The students will receive their results right away when they finish the test.
Once I am able to access my account again I will log in and see who was determined the winner.
Best of luck and please reach out with further questions.
Mrs. Hussain
Beaubien Elementary School