Now that the front of the shirt has been designed, it’s time to talk about the back!

Personalize the back of this year’s official Walkathon 2022 T-shirt! Your message will be on the back for everyone to see!

📌 Deadline Sept. 25

To submit your message visit

– A $100 donation qualifies for a Walkathon T-shirt with personalized message. The student will also receive a homework pass*, an entry in the raffle and a Beaubien lanyard.

– The $100 donation must be made by September 25 due to the printing deadline. This donation will be applied to the student’s total donation collected by the date of the Walkathon

🔴 If you or someone you know has a business and would like to purchase a space for a graphic please contact

➡️ Please note: There will only be room for 100 messages on the back of the shirt. This opportunity will be on a first come, first serve basis. Include the message that you would like on the T-shirt using the google form below. There is a maximum of 30 characters and message must be student and/or Walkathon related. Messages are subject to the approval of the Walkathon committee. Examples: “Way to go, Joe Smith” or “Room 310 Rocks!”

To submit your message visit