Practice your smiles! School pictures are scheduled for this Wednesday, September 22nd!
Individual pictures will be taken outside in front of the school. Students will come with their classrooms during the day to take their individual photos.
After school starting at 2:45pm photographers will be on hand to take SIBLING PHOTOS. Here are some answers to your questions:
1. Are all siblings welcome?
YES. All siblings, all ages, all schools are welcome.
2. Where do I need to do for sibling photos?
ADULTS/PARENTS: Please line up outside the school fence to queue up for your photos. No sign up necessary, this will be on a first come, first serve basis.
VOLUNTEERS will be on hand to direct families to the next available photographer. Volunteers will be assisting photographers. PARENTS, we ask that you monitor your students to protect the delicate photography equipment.
3. My child is quarantined, what now?
A retake day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th.
4. How do I order pics?
Proofs will be emailed to parents in about 2-3 weeks with instructions on how to order photos. Photos usually arrive before the holidays.
5. What if I don’t like my pics?
You are welcome to take retakes on Wednesday, October 20.
What is I have more questions?
Email Jenny Conlon at