Physical Education Attire

Beaubien gear is always acceptable for class.
Students may also wear a white shirt that does not have any printing on the back with shorts or slacks. Dresses and skirts are not allowed.

Footwear should be a rubber soled “gym” shoe. Sandals, TOMS, flats, wedges, Uggs or any boot of any type are not acceptable.

Point System

Students will begin each class with a total of 10 points.
Proper Shoes = 3 points
Proper Shirt = 2 points
Participation and Discipline = 5 points

Participation and discipline are broken down as follows.

5 Points = Student does everything that is asked of them and helps other students remain engaged in the activity.
4 Points = Student remains engaged in the activities and does everything that is asked of them.
3 Points = Student corrects their own behavior without direction from the teacher.
2 Points = Student shows disregard for others but corrects their own behavior after being directed by the teacher.
1 Points = Student shows disregard for others and interferes with the class lesson.
0 Points = Student was escorted out of class and taken to the office for disciplinary reasons.

CPS Health Screener

Click HERE to access the CPS Health Screener.  You must complete and pass the screener BEFORE coming to Beaubien.  Thank you for helping us to keep our bulldogs safe and healthy.

2020-2021 Enrollment is NOW OPEN

Tech Connect

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Specials Remote Learning

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