Many of our students arrive at our schools without reliable access to health care or nutritious meals.  Without these basic needs, attendance and behavioral issues are more likely, and student success can be jeopardized.

While some areas of care are addressed through our meals, as well as Vision and Hearing programs, the majority of our students are also eligible for Medicaid and SNAP (also known as LINK/Food Stamps).  Through these programs children and their families can receive medical care at a reduced or no cost, and regular access to the food they need for good health.

We now have the chance to expand access to these important programs.

To encourage and ease enrollment in these programs, CPS is proud to partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) and the Patient Innovation Center (PIC) to open 16 enrollment hubs across the District this month.

With special thanks to our partner schools, each network will host one site, where an Enrollment Specialist will work with families on an appointment or walk-in basis to share information about the programs, and assist in completing their application(s).

You’ll find a full list of enrollment hubs attached.  As individual sites open throughout the month, we will share more information with the appropriate Network on how school communities can best engage with them.

Additionally, leaflets advertising ways to learn more about benefit programs, including the new Healthy CPS health hotline: (773) 553-KIDS (5437).

Ensuring our students have access to the fullest range of care possible is a crucial part of our mission at CPS.  We thank you for continued commitment to our students, and call on your leadership to continue to expand access where it’s needed.


Denise Little                                Dr. Kenneth Fox, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer               Chief Health Officer

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