Dear Beaubien Bulldog Families, 

Where does the time go! It’s hard to believe that it’s February–especially since it’s 50 degrees on Super Bowl Sunday!! (Go Niners!) 

Report cards are on the horizon. Please keep in mind that when you and your child receive 2nd quarter grades, it is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child about the learning process, and how they see themselves as a learner. Regardless of the grade that your child gets in a particular class, be sure to focus the conversation on the areas of strength and discuss setting goals in areas where your child may want to improve. This will help your child to work to continue to keep a growth mindset as he or she approaches school work, studying, and assessment during the second semester. 

Throughout my years as an educator, I have noticed a few common traits that all successful students have in common. My hope is that you can incorporate them into your conversation with your child… 

ATTENDANCE- Most students who do extremely well, have great attendance. They are here almost every day and they are here on time. 

PARTICIPATION-Students who are performing well in the classroom are actively engaged. I can see it in my visits to classrooms. I encourage you to discuss active participation in class with your child. 

PERSEVERANCE-The ability and willingness to take on a challenge and stick with it is so important. We want to encourage all of our students to do their best, even when things are challenging – this is how they will accomplish great things! Our most successful students continue to work hard when things are challenging. We hope you will encourage and inspire this at home as we do the same here at Beaubien. 

We wish all of our families a super sweet Valentine’s Day! 

Warm regards, 

Michelle H. Ludford