Dear Beaubien Families,
When I think of February, I think of Valentine’s Day and all the cards and candy expressing love and goodwill. Children are especially sweet as they pass out cards to other children and adults. This year our Student Council is delivering cards to a local hospital to let them know we care about them, even though we have never met them personally. In tumultuous times, it is through these acts of kindness that we are reminded how little things have a big impact in the lives of others.

You may have heard your child talk about Olweus over the past few years and wondered what they are talking about. At school, Olweus has become a school-wide word synonymous with the time each week the teachers take to provide a forum for their students to talk about tough issues and collectively come to resolutions. This weekly ritual began a few years ago when we made a commitment to implement the Olweus Bully Prevention
Program. We made this decision as a proactive approach to improve peer relations and make school a safer and more positive place for all students to learn and develop.

The students know Olweus as having weekly classroom meetings but to the rest of us it is much more. It has also been a commitment to being present in the hallways and playground and intervening immediately with common language when behavioral expectations are not being met. The program boasts impressive empirical data that spans 35 years proving a reduction in bullying behaviors but it becomes personal when the results of our school were delivered. Last year, Beaubien saw an overall reduction of discipline referrals as well as a significant decrease in reports of bullying overall.

Olweus has been such a successful campaign in improving school climate that the committee that implemented the program has agreed to continue to volunteer and broaden its scope to include other initiatives that promote tolerance, empathy, service and support. Beaubien’s student body is a representation of the world and the small things we do here have a ripple effect into your homes and into the community. We hope those ripples bring love and goodwill to all people as the Beaubien staff and students embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day every day.

In the coming months, watch for whole school initiatives that promote our universal Beaubien values of kindness, respect and acceptance as always we thank you for your support!

Warm regards,

Michelle H. Ludford