Good Afternoon Beaubien Families,
We hope you are healthy, safe and surrounded by loved ones during this uncertain time in our world. We continue to be shocked, saddened, and angered by the images on the news of the racism and hatred occurring in our communities stemming from the death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis. Over the last few days, we’ve engaged in conversations and gathered resources while we wrapped our minds around the thoughts: How do we support our students during these very difficult times? How do we educate against racism in the face of so much fear and violence? How do we best support so many who are suffering?
Please know that we are committed to learning together, leaning in to listen, embracing uncomfortable conversations, and celebrating each individual and the gifts they contribute to our Beaubien Family.
Here are some of the structures we have put in place to provide safe spaces and supports for our community:
● We have encouraged all teachers to use our Core Values as a guiding tool to foster conversations with students. It is a great time to be empowered by our voices, be inclusive of all, and be kind to one another. Teachers have been
using the Teaching Tolerance framework this week to guide conversations and help navigate questions as they arise.
● Ms. Koet our school counselor as well as Mr. Miller and Ms. Brogdon our school social workers are available and working with our teachers and students. Please reach out if you feel your child needs additional support.
● We invite all parents to have a conversation with your child(ren) to address any misconceptions, answer questions, and use this as a teachable moment in
your household. Here are some tools to help guide you, should you choose to use them:
We take the role of educating each of our students with great pride and hold ourselves to the highest standard. We know there is work to be done in creating a world in which
all children feel valued, safe, and celebrated. It is our hope that each of you join us in making this a reality for our school community.
Warm Regards,
Michelle Ludford