Hello Beaubien Bulldog Families,

We continue to plan the reopening of our building for families who have chosen hybrid learning.  For everyone to be safe, it will require all of us doing our part together.

Click here for the district reopening guides and materials.

Community Compact: due prior to return or on the first day of school if returning in person:


  1. Adhere to social distancing, wearing cloth face coverings or masks, and practicing good hand hygiene at school or home and in your social pods and community;
  2. Avoid large social gatherings, refrain from expanding your social circles, and pledge to keep your social circles small;
  3. Adhere to the City of Chicago’s Stay-at-Home advisory including quarantining for the appropriate number of days depending on the travel location;
  4. Observe and teach the same healthy hygiene habits we use at school at home: 20-second hand washing, appropriate use of face coverings, catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue or your elbow;
  5. Make the decision to stay home if you are sick or awaiting COVID-19 test results;
  6. Be an example for your children and neighbors in modeling safe, responsible behaviors and compassion for others.


Click here for the full community compact.


Please return signed forms via email to your child’s homeroom teacher  or have your child bring to school the first day if following the hybrid learning model to turn in to homeroom teacher.


Health Screener: Complete Daily by 7:15 am if coming to school in person

  • Every morning, parents and guardians will receive a text message (if they have opted to receive CPS text message notifications) with a unique link to their student’s health screener. These links will have your student’s information pre-populated, offering a quicker way to complete the screener. If your student will be staying with someone else, you can forward the unique student link to them to complete. Text messages are sent to the primary contact listed in Aspen and you must opt in to receiving SMS text messages.


To complete the screener, you will need to enter: 

  • Student ID number or CPS email address
  • Student Date of Birth


We understand that everyone has made the best decision they can for their families whether it is in person or remote.  We are here to support ALL of our families and look forward to the 2nd half of the school year! Below is a list of questions and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please reach out.  My email address is mhludford@cps.edu 


Best regards,

Michelle H. Ludford, Principal


Beaubien School Reopening Q/A

Will there be any changes to student transportation in 2021?

CPS bus routes will begin again on January 11, 2021, for students enrolled in PreK and moderate and intensive cluster programs. To protect the health of our students and staff, all of our bus routes will follow safety protocols including mandatory temperature checks and assigned seating to ensure social distancing. For more details, please review our 2021 student transportation overview.  CPS bus routes for K-8 will begin on February 1, 2021.  The Office of Transportation will be sending up route cards.  If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact Mr. Kotis at nckotis@cps.edu.


What do I do if I am not receiving emails from the district?

Please update your contact information with your school to ensure you receive all district communications. For more information and resources, please visit cps.edu/reopening and review our Reopening Guide for Parents and frequently asked questions.

How will student shifts, pods, and schedules be determined?

Most students will be placed in a 4 day in-person pod, attending school in person on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  If, however, your child is in a 2 day shift, this is the breakdown:

Pod A:

  • Monday and Tuesday in person (7:45 am – 2:45 pm)
  • Wednesday – Friday Remote Learning

Pod B:

  • Thursday and Friday (7:45 am – 2:45 pm)
  • Monday – Wednesday Remote Learning

**All K-8 students will have a modified Remote Learning schedule on Wednesdays.**

If your child is placed in a 2 day in-person pod, we are placing siblings on the same days to mitigate any challenge to family schedules.

We are committed to making as few changes as possible to our classroom rosters as we know the importance of trusting relationships and classroom communities that have been established since the beginning of the school year. If any changes are needed based on the numbers, we will contact families personally to discuss the alteration prior to solidifying the move. At that time, since you originally indicated hybrid learning, you would still be able to make a change to your learning preference to “Learn at Home”, if you wish. 

When will I know my own child’s pod assignment, their schedule and teacher assignment?

Families have been sent a letter from homeroom teachers about their child’s pod assignment and number of days they can come to school.  Schedules are being finalized and homeroom teachers will be hosting a Google Meet to review the week of January 25th.  

What does the Learn from Home model look like?

Learn at Home is different from our current Remote Learning model. Students learning from home will have 150 minutes daily of synchronous learning through live instruction and 210 minutes of asynchronous independent learning activities.  Our plan is to keep the same curriculum and pacing for ALL students as best we can. 

What will the educational days look like when my child is not in person?

Wednesdays will be remote learning for all K-8 students. Approximately three hours in the morning will operate similar to how remote learning occurs now. Wednesday provides the day when all students, those in person and learn from home, will be together virtually. Three hours of asynchronous learning activities will occur in the afternoon. Teachers will utilize this afternoon time on Wednesday to plan for instruction that has three layers: in person, learn at home, and asynchronous.

Hybrid students will join the Learn at Home model the two days the opposite pod is on site. Students learning from home will have roughly 150 minutes daily of synchronous learning through simultaneous live instruction and roughly 210 minutes of asynchronous independent learning activities.  

Will you be offering after school care or after school programming?

At this time we will not be able to offer our usual Right At School programming.  When it is safe to do so, we will once again resume.  We have been awarded a grant to offer some academic and club remote activities.  More information will be provided in the next few weeks. 

Where does my child enter school?  What do entry procedures look like?

To expedite matters, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all families complete the CPS Health Screener for each child BEFORE arriving at school.  Then, students will enter according to the following guidelines (see map with door locations at end of document):

  • PreK- Door #4
  • Kindergarten – Door #2
  • 1st – Door #8
  • Room 408 (1st) – Door #7 
  • 2nd – Door #7
  • 3rd – Door #7
  • 4th – Door #11
  • 5th – Door #1
  • 6th – Door #1
  • 7th – Door #3
  • 8th – Door #3
  • Rms. 410 & 411 – Door #9
  • Bus Riders – Door #10 

Students will be called to the door at spaced intervals and proceed to their classrooms.  The teacher will take each student’s temperature before entering the classroom.  If the child has a fever of 100.4° or greater, he/she will go directly to the care room and families will be called to come and pick-up the child.  


Where does my child keep his/her belongings?

Each teacher will communicate the logistics for their classroom, however, students will keep their belongings with them at their seat.  

Does my child need certain supplies for the return?

Homeroom teachers will communicate supply lists so that each child has the supplies he/she needs since there is no sharing of resources.

My child has been learning from a personal electronic device.  Do we need to send this device to school?

No, personal devices are NOT allowed to be used in the classroom.  CPS will be providing additional devices to be issued to students who have not already received a chromebook.  Your child will bring his/her CPS device back-and-forth to school each day.  It is crucial that the device is charged at home each night so it is ready to be used at school.  We do NOT have enough outlets to charge devices in the classrooms.  

Where does my child eat their breakfast, lunch, and any snacks?

All meals are consumed at the child’s desk.  He/she should be able to open and access all items without assistance. We will be offering free breakfast and lunch for students who would like one.  Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch from home. 

Does my child have access to a water fountain?

Water fountains are not functioning at this time.  Families are encouraged to send a filled water bottle each day for their child.

How does my child receive instruction from different teachers (departmental subject matter, specials, etc.)?  

Students will not leave their classrooms except for recess (weather permitting).  Teachers will rotate to classrooms to deliver instruction.  

Will my child’s daily schedule be the same as it has been?

In order to limit exposure, CPS has instructed schools to adjust schedules.  Your child will have a new schedule with fewer specials classes that will rotate every few weeks.  Homerooms teachers will share schedules as they are finalized.  

If we chose the hybrid model, but would like to switch to remote learning, can we do that?

Families who chose hybrid/in-person instruction can switch to remote learning at any time.  Once a family decides to transition, however, they CANNOT return to in-person instruction until the 4th quarter.  If a family has chosen the remote option, they cannot switch to in-person learning until the 4th quarter.  

How does attendance work during reopening for Learn at Home and Learning in Person?

Families who chose to return to in-person learning are expected to send their child to school on all scheduled in-person days. If a child does not pass the daily health screener, they are expected to stay home and participate in virtual learning if the child is well enough to do so.


If your child is unable to participate in remote or hybrid learning for any reason, please report the absence by emailing the homeroom teacher and calling the main office. Please send in a written note if the absence falls in to one of these approved excused categories:

  •     Student illness
  •     Observance of a religious holiday
  •     Death in the immediate family
  •     Family emergency
  •     Circumstances that cause reasonable concern for a child’s safety or health


 Can parent volunteers come help or support?

 At this time the district is not allowing any parent volunteers to support on site.


 If a staff member or student tests positive for COVID what steps are taken?

The first important step to take is to report the case to the COVID-19 self-reporting tool. That will then launch the contact tracing team to determine who was exposed and who needs to quarantine. Click here for background on contact tracing. If a staff member tests positive as part of the CPS on-site COVID-19 surveillance testing then the pods exposed will be required to quarantine and launch in to remote learning. Click here for the quarantining process if a staff member tests positive.


What do I need to bring with me

Students will need:

  • Backpack with only necessary school supplies and CPS issued device. Classroom teachers will provide more details.

  • Three masks

  • Water bottle (preferably with a straw)

Other Information

  • There will be no snack this year.
  • Students need to be able to independently take care of their own belongings. Please make sure they can take care of their shoes, any zippers and buttons, etc.

Please also make sure they can open the items they bring for lunch. 

  • No toys or personal items should be brought to school. Just school supplies please!
  • No visitors in the school building this year.
  • Dropping off items, leave them at the table outside the main doors with your child’s name on the item. Call to let us know you have left them.