Dear K-5 Beaubien Hybrid Families,

We are SO excited for Monday, March 1st, for your first in-person Beaubien day this school year. Here are your most important reminders:

  1. Arriving at School: To decrease the congestion and help follow social distancing, we ask last names of A-K to arrive at 7:42 am and last names of L-Z to arrive at 7:52am.
  2. Self- Certification form: You MUST fill out the CPS Health Screener for each of your children and submit before 7:30.  The screener is required to enter the school building. Students who come without a screener complete will be asked to wait until all students have entered the building and parents will be contacted.

3.Door: Know what door your child will enter and exit by looking at the Beaubien Entry/Exit Map

  1. Masks: Students must be wearing a mask and bring 2 additional masks to school. (Please try to label your masks).
  2. Supplies: Make sure to only bring the supplies your child needs, based on any directions given out by your teacher. And please send a water bottle with a straw and make sure it is labeled.
  3. Recess Permission Slip:  Please make sure you have turned in a Recess Permission Slip for each of your children.  Once a teacher has all permission slips, the class will be able to go for walks and to Roberts Square Park with their recess coach. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Warm Regards,

Michelle H. Ludford, Principal