This year the lunch procedures have changed. If you have been given a lunch form to complete it is really important that it is completed and returned. A large portion of our school funding is based on these forms. With that being said, this year CPS students will not pay for lunch. They will however need to pay for milk. If your child is only getting milk the cost is 35 cents. This will be collected in the morning. If your child forgets milk money a note will be sent home.




Your child is bringing home a large white envelope today with lots of information inside.  I find it helpful with my own children to complete it ASAP and send it back so it isn’t hanging over my head.  There may be more papers, but I need the following back as soon as you can:

-Emergency Form                                                      

-Code of Conduct (last page)           

-Lunch Form* (only if you received a form to complete)

-Welcome Packet/Dismissal (last page of packet)                

-Picture/Video Release                 

*This is very important because a portion of our funding is based on our Lunch Form returns!!!  If you are not interested in the lunch program, please just write your child’s full name, room 406, N/A across the center information, and SIGN & DATE the bottom.