Certificates Make Cents is back this year! Gift giving will be made easier with gift cards. Give a gift to a loved one and part of your sale will benefit Beaubien Elementary.
Three ways to order!
1. Online – order and pay online. Pickup cards at Beaubien.
2. Print form – print a form and pay by check. Pickup cards at Beaubien.
3. NEW THIS YEAR. App on your phone – order via the app and deliver to your doorstep (+ shipping costs)

Gift Cards make Gift Giving easy! Stocking stuffers, babysitters and teens all love gift cards…here’s an easy way to give to those you care about AND our school!

Certificates Make Cents lets you order Gift Cards at regular prices and a percentage of your card goes to our Beaubien PTO. It’s as simple as that!



Visit https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/

1. Click on REGISTER

2. Enter Family Code B4BCB9AD59113

3. Click on SHOP and start shopping!

***make sure to choose physical or email gift card***

4. Payments can be made by credit card or by sending a check made to BEAUBIEN PTO in an envelope with order form


Print your order form and send in an envelop with check by Friday, December 4th. NO LATE ORDERS https://www.beaubienelementary.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/CMCorderformDEC_2020.pdf

ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY Friday, December 4th

CARDS will be available for pickup the week of December 14th.

NEW THIS YEAR!  Order from your app to have cards sent directly to your home (you will be responsible for shipping fees).  This is available via the phone app only.  To download the app visit https://www.raiseright.com

*if you have an existing account sign in to the app. If new, set up account the same as ONLINE above.

Questions? Contact us at beaubienCMC@gmail.com

Make gift giving easy this year by ordering Gift Cards!

There is a wide variety of cards, more than you will find at the kiosk at most stores. Print out your order form today. Please note, the website has a complete list. Please write in your request if not found on the form.


***please note. Gift cards subject to change on form and in pictures posted***