In light of today’s events at a nearby school, we would like to assure our Beaubien Families and Community an emergency plan is in place. If there was ever an emergency and we needed to evacuate our school, here are the locations and plan we have set.

Alternate Evacuation Sites

** Pre-K through 2nd grade: FARNSWORTH ELEMENTARY – 5414 N. Linder Avenue, Chicago 60630 (773) 534 -3535. Kim Beschorner site supervisor.

***3rd through 5th grade: PALMER ELEMENTARY – 5051 N. Kenneth Avenue, Chicago 60630 (773) 534-3704. Ari Cosey site supervisor.

***6th through 8th grade: PRUSSING ELEMENTARY – 4650 N. Menard Avenue, Chicago 60630 (773) 534-3460. Kim Sineni site supervisor 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Ludford at

This information can be found under About –> Safety located at the top of this page