Dance Rules

When entering, adhere to assigned space in a quiet timely manner; Bookbags should be set aside or under your seat. 

 Warm up in your designated and assigned space.

Use materials appropriately and put them away when you’re finished (ex. clipboards, pencils).

Cell phones are not acceptable for any use at all during dance, and if found out or “on,” under School Rules, will be confiscated and given to either Officer Betty, the office, or your classroom teacher until the end of the day.

 Notify Ms. Davis if there is a conflict with either a note or ask to speak with in confidentiality and privately/quietly.

Give notice when you need a bathroom break, and sign out and back in when you return.

Keep hands and feet to yourself unless the activity requires contact and instruction has been given.

Clear the auditorium floors/aisles cleared (papers, water bottles) before lining up for dismissal.

Line up quietly and wait to be dismissed by Ms. Davis.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can move in.  A white top or Beaubien gear is recommended. 

Dance Etiquette

Develop your own style

Actively participate

Never be afraid to try

Create movements quietly

Explore movements safely

Follow the 4 A’s of Audience Etiquette