Hello Parents!

PLEASE become a CPS Approved Volunteer if you haven’t already.  All of our volunteers now need to be CPS Approved before working with children.  This include field trip chaperones and PTO event volunteers.  
The process is easy – just complete a brief online application at:
Apply to be a LEVEL 2 volunteer, then bring your ID into the Beaubien Main Office so that Ms. Barnhart can make a copy of it.  This level of approval is all you need to chaperone day field trips and volunteer at PTO events.
Please act now if you are not approved, because all volunteers must be approved ONE WEEK BEFORE an event.  Really, the process is easy and only takes minutes!
(More intensive LEVEL 1 approval is only required for overnight field trips and over 10 hours a week of volunteering, not the bulk of our volunteer opportunities)
If you were approved last year, you are probably still approved for this year.  You can log onto your account at https://chicagopublicschools.civicore.com/index.php?action=userLogin
to check your status, or ask Ms. Paula Barnhart in the Main Office to check your approval in the system.  
If you were approved for another school, but not Beaubien, please email CPS at volunteer@cps.edu and ask them to add Beaubien to your account.  Then bring your ID into the Beaubien Main Office.
Any questions?  Email me at: beaubien.volunteer@gmail.com
Thank you!  
Stephanie Springsteen, PTO Volunteer Coordinator