The Beaubien Math Team just finished their competition season with great results! The Chicago Junior Math League consists of 3 contests: one in the fall, winter and spring. Winners are determined at each contest, and there is a cumulative award for overall placement citywide for the 3 contest tournament. With 32 school teams, and over 600 students competing, the Beaubien Math team holds strong position.

The 6th grade Division A team took 1st Place for the 3rd contest, and 2nd place for the season. Damian C finished the season in 3rd place as an individual with Eero D and Charlotte W finishing 5th and 6th respectively overall. Son N. placed 6th citywide with his cumulative score in Division B.

Our 7th and 8th grade Division A teams faces Academic Centers and other Regional Gifted Centers. Both the Beaubien teams finished 3rd place in contest 3 and overall citywide. 7th grader Kevin H placed 5th citywide for his cumulative score, and 8th graders Elizabeth L and Henry N placed 9th and 10th citywide with their cumulative scores. 8th grader, Abigail M, who has been on the team since 5th grade, took 4th place citywide in the cumulative Division B. Great job!!

Improvements in our 6th grade team are noteworthy. In contest 1, they scored 10 points, in contest 2, they more than doubled that with a score of 21, and in contest 3, and they earned 33 points! Great job! Anyone can get better at math with practice and perseverance, and our Beaubien Math team is proof of that!! Wait until you see us next year!!

Special thanks to our team parents Mrs. Abdeljabar, Mrs Castrejon, Mr. Filatov, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Pfeiffer, for their willingness to always chaperone the transportation, and score contests during the Saturday competitions. Their help makes our participation possible. Thank you to Ms. Bahena, Ms. Estrada, Mrs. Nasios, and Mr. Siddiqui for their help with the citywide competition at Whitney Young High School on March 18th, your help and support is very much appreciated.