The Beaubien staff would like to congratulate ALL the participants in the STEM Fair; the judges were astounded by your creativity, perseverance, and hard work ethic! The Science department would like to thank all the teachers, staff members, and parents who shared so much patience and support throughout this process. The following is the list of winners from this event: 

These individuals earned an Honorable Mention from the judges this year: 
Jace *Icy Hot Magnets 
Sadie *Biodegradable Pots
Andrea *Can Phytoplankton Save Our Planet? 
Dario *Battle of the Electrolytes 
Jobenn *Pleasant Paper

For the 5th grade division: 
3rd place goes to Jaden *Will mixing in solid objects with a liquid change the pH of it?
2nd place goes to Ola *pH of Waters
And the first place winner is Ethan L *Solo Me Solenoid

For the 6th grade division: 
3rd place goes to Juliette *Which Shaped Structure is the Strongest?
2nd place goes to Victor *Resolve by Dissolve
And the first place winner is Marcus *Does the Color of a Glow Stick Affect its Brightness?

And, finally, the following four individuals earned the highest scores at our event and will proudly represent Beaubien at the Regional Fair: 
4th place goes to Jakob *Does Size Matter?
3rd place goes to Isabella *Solar V Wind- Which One Produces More Energy? 
2nd place goes to Nicki *Which Type of Air Foil Generates the Most Lift? 
And the first place winner is Chloe *Are the Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide Harmful or Helpful to Roots of Plant Cuttings and Seed Germination? 

Again, congratulations to all the STEM Fair participants!!