I’m writing with an update in our civil rights lawsuit, which is the centerpiece of our fight to end the discriminatory funding that gives Chicago students pennies on the dollar for what students throughout the rest of the state receive.

As many of you know, the gap between what the state provides us today and what Chicago students would receive if they were treated equally is $500 million, to say nothing of the extra funding it takes to educate students in poverty.

Today, CPS filed a motion for preliminary injunction to ask a judge to rule quickly in our favor, given the fact that the numbers are so clear. At the same time, because Governor Rauner cut of $215 million in promised funding, our financial situation is challenging.

In our motion, we outline some of the possible challenges that schools could face without a fast ruling from the judge.

These possibilities are deeply painful to every school community, and include the possibility of ending the school year on June 1 and eliminating summer school for elementary students, except special education students. We will continue to do everything in our power to avoid this possibility, including working with leaders in Springfield and pushing our lawsuit forward as quickly as possible.

We will continue to keep you informed about developments as the case moves forward. In the meantime, please encourage your school communities to visit cps.edu/Equality to add your voices to this fight. Attached you will find a letter that you can share in both English and Spanish.


Forrest Claypool
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Public Schools

02.27.17 PI parent letter

02.27.17 PI parent letter_spanish