Certificates Make Cents is back, just in time for the holidays!

Never know what to give all the people who do so much for you during the year? Gift Certificates make a great gift! Pass them out to teachers, bus drivers and that nice kid who shovels your walk. You choose the gift card and say thank you! Easy shopping AND Beaubien gets a percentage of your order!

There is a wide variety of cards, more than you will find at the kiosk at most stores.

NEW this year! Orders can be submitted and paid for ONLINE.

Visit https://shop.shopwithscrip.com

1. Click on REGISTER
2. Enter Family Code B4BCB9AD59113
3. Click on SHOP and start shopping!
***make sure to choose the physical card tab to receive a Gift Card***
4. Payments can be made by e-check or by sending in a paper check in an envelope/print out of your order

CARDS will be delivered before Winter Break

***Orders placed after 12midnight CT are not guaranteed and may not be fulfilled***

Questions? Contact us atbeaubienCMC@gmail.com

Make gift giving easy this year by ordering Gift Cards!