New this year: B-Show 2019 Commemorative Program

Are you a fan of the Beaubien B-Show? Do you own your own business, and looking for a simple way to get hundreds of people to learn more about what you do? Do you have a special person in your life who is performing in the 2019 B-Show? 

Why not show your Beaubien B-Show Spirit by letting those performers know just how special they are, or advertising for your craft, by taking Shout-Out or AD space in our B-Show Program! We have a few different levels of support (You can check it out below)! It’s a great way to support our Beaubien community!

It’s very simple: 
1. Decide what you want to say! (Congratulations is always a great place to start!)
2. Fill out the Program Request Form
3. Email your “Shout-Out” or AD (jpeg. or text) to Ms. Matej via
4. Send your payment to Ms. Matej in the Music Room
5. Come see the B-Show on May 31st to check all the great things our Beaubien Community has to share!

If you have any questions contact Ms. Matej at

The deadline for B-Show Program Submissions is May 10th!