The weather is becoming cooler, please dress your children in appropriate clothing for daily recess. Children will be going outside for their 20 minutes of recess unless it is raining. Children will not be kept in from recess for having a cold, cough, etc. If you feel your child is not well enough to participate in recess, they should stay home from school until better. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

There has been a lot of information sent home this week, I want to take the time to clarify any questions.

Box Tops: A collection sheet was sent home for you to tape box tops to while you collect them. Once the sheet is full you can send it back to school. Our school receives money from the box tops that are collected. Thank you for participating.

School Pictures: A proof sheet and order form was sent home on Monday, orders are due on Monday, October 24th. You can either send the order back to school with $ enclosed, or place your order online. Picture retakes will be Tuesday.

STAR Folders: I have enclosed a yellow sheet in your child’s STAR Folder with a list of sentences that your child should be practicing at home. We will be reading these sentences in school as well. I will be assessing them on their fluency in reading these sentences the week of Halloween. An additional activity to do with the sentences is to write the words on note cards and have them put the sentences together in the polka dot mini pocket chart in the STAR Folder. Don’t forget to include the punctuation and focus on one sentence at a time. We are on our 5th Kinder-Reader, paper book. Keep up the great job reading over the weekends. The books can be saved and put in a special place for rereading. The children who practice daily….will become stronger readers.

Read-A-Thon:  A blue note is coming home in the STAR Folder, please fill in the proper information for your child to participate in the school wide Read-A-Thon, and return the sheet on Monday. More information will be available soon.

Field Trip: Next Wednesday, all children need a lunch from home for the field trip, and  proper outerwear and shoes for walking. Chaperones please arrive at school by 9:00am to receive your group and responsibilities for the day. Thank you for your help.

Spirit Week: Next week, we will show our pledge to be Drug Free by participating in spirit days. Each day next week are special dress up days, students who participate all week will be photographed and become a part of the Drug Free Wall of Fame, they will also be entered in a drawing for a free gym period. The dress up day schedule was sent home on an orange paper and is also on the Kindergarten Google calendar. If you wish me to share the calendar with you, please send me an email.

Halloween: I’m still in need of parents help during our activity time 12-1:30. If you are available to come in and help in the classroom let me know ASAP so I can plan my activities. The activities will greatly change depending on the parental assistance I am expecting. Thank you in advance.

I just want to say that I am so proud of how well all the students have become such a wonderful Kindergarten community. They really work together cooperatively and are making some really nice friendships. Have a wonderful weekend!