Good attendance is very important to success in school.  It is very hard for students to learn new material when they have not been in school to receive proper instruction.  Sometimes, however, it cannot be avoided.  The Chicago Board of Education has listed the following as valid reasons to miss school:  death in the family, family emergency (i.e. flood, fire, etc.), sickness, and religious holidays.  Please call school when your child will be out and send a note when he/she returns stating the reason.  I have attached a sheet with four notes that you can use.  Our Attendance Facilitator, Mrs. Fritz, contacts families who have a child that has excessive absences and/or tardies.  Sending back your note with a valid excuse on the day your child returns will help to keep our paperwork in order.  The class with the best attendance for the week will be rewarded with keeping the school toy bulldog in their room.