Due to the pandemic this year’s school event will be cancelled.  The school STEM Fair occurs in early December each year but will be deferred. The science team is waiting for more guidance from city planners about the STEM Fair. Also, from CPS about the possibility of return to normal school attendance beginning in the second quarter.
We are going to look at the possibility of a modified event for the spring. Hopefully we will be back to normal attendance in the second quarter. A modified fair or other related STEM function may occur then if it can be sanctioned. 
The science team takes great pride in this showcase each year. Our students consistently receive rave comments from our judges and awards at the various city fairs. It is disappointing to have to cancel it.  The limitations of remote learning and access to material and scientific equipment for students were some of the other considerations for not having the fair this December.  
Hopefully, we will be back to ‘normal’ by December, 2021, for our annual STEM Fair.  If you have specific questions please feel free to send us an email.
The Beaubien STEM Fair Committee