Over the years, we’ve heard from families about the importance of having a choice in selecting which high school provides the best match for their child’s needs. We’ve also heard that applying to high school can be frustrating and confusing. So this year, Chicago Public Schools has completely revamped its high school application process for students that will be freshman in the 2018-19 school year with the launch of GoCPS, a new website where students and families will be able to:


  • Review school and program options in one place
  • Rank these school and program choices based on their preferences
  • Be matched with their highest possible choice for high school


The new application process will feature five key phases, the first of which, “Subscribe,” launched this week.


  1. Subscribe (May – June 2017): Sign up to receive important updates and announcements
  2. Research (June – July 2017): Conduct detailed research to find the best school for your child
  3. Activate (August – September 2017): Create an account and access your student’s eligibility
  4. Apply (October – December 2017): Complete applications with one system and one deadline
  5. Match (January – June 2018): Get matched and receive high school offers


Each month, CPS is planning to open access to the new features listed in the dates above. This will lead up to August 2017, when families will be able to able to begin using the application functions of the site and October 2017 when high school applications will become available.


But before then, there’s still a lot to do, so current seventh grade families are encouraged to visit Go.CPS.edu as soon as possible to start reading about the new application process and to subscribe to the GoCPS mailing list. This will allow them to receive important instructions, announcements and advance notifications that are critical to completing the application process.


With GoCPS, Chicago Public Schools wants to empower all students to attend the school with the best environment, programs and activities for them while creating an application process is that is more equitable, transparent and simple for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates to come.