To order yearbooks online go to:

Before you order, select ‘Create an Account’ at the top of the page.

  1. “Select your school” enter in School ID#: For Beaubien, that is: 68236

  2. Confirm the school by selecting ‘Yes.’

  3. Enter your details, hit create. You will receive an email to verify your account, it includes a link back to order your yearbook.

  4. Click on ‘Shop your School’ and fill in your state, city, and school; then hit continue.

  5. Verify that you’ve selected the correct school by clicking YES.

  6. Under shop, select Yearbooks. Click on ‘Order’ and then ‘Add to cart.’

  7. Enter in your student/recipient’s first and last name and click ‘Continue.’

  8. Review your cart, and select ‘Checkout.’

  9. Enter your billing address information, and hit next. Your delivery message will display; hit next.

  10. Enter your payment information, and hit next.

  11. Confirm all your details and click ‘Submit Order.’

Your Order Summary will display, print a copy for your records or save a PDF copy.

You will also receive an email receipt of your purchase.

Or by sending in the form attached to school.